USD225.00 per person


Tuesdays to Saturdays


Private Group


Kids are welcome.

The following itinerary is a draft of how your day may go.  Changes along the way may be done in concordance to the improvement of your overall experience.  Bare in mind that traffic can affect this tour, as we are moving all around to visit these museums.


Pick up at your hotel


Your driver and professional tour guide will pick you up at your hotel.  After approximately 30 minutes, you will be at the first place to start touring.

Panamá La Vieja Museum and Monuments


Upon arriving to Panamá La Vieja, you will go straigtht to the museum where you will be exposed to the origins of the city and the eventual role started to play as a hub for the explorations of the Spaniards around the Pacific, and the consequent needs of connecting both oceans for their goods to be transferred.  Once you have finished your visit to the museum, you will have time for exploring some of the monuments in the way back to the van.

Museo Afroantillano


Despite being a small venue, the Museo Afroantillano is full of history, and it tells the story of the construction of the Panama Canal from the perspective of thousands of antillians that made their way to Panama to be part of construction of this wonder of engineering the Panama Canal is.  Their migration brought new ways and traditions to our country that are very well alive until today.



Upon arriving to Casco Antiguo, you will be headed for lunch in a local restaurant.  After lunch, a short walk will take us to the Museo del Canal Inteocéanico for us to explore it.

Museo del Canal Interocéanico


From the first attempts to connect both oceans by the Spaniards, to the French attempt of building a canal and suffer badly because of tropical diseases, to the approach that finally brought to life the Panama Canal by the hands of the USA, passing thru almost a century of political relationships among Panama and the USA, this visit helps put together the great puzzle the Panama Canal is, as there is way more than meet the eye when just visiting the locks to see its operations.



After a short ride, you will arrive to Biomuseo, where you will be presented with the evolution of the Isthmus of Panama, its roll in connecting the Americas, and its consequent acquisition of the great diversity our small country portrays to the visitor.  

Return to the hotel


After a wonderful day of visiting museums, you will be transferred back to your hotel.  The transfer back can take within 30 to 45 minutes, or a little bit more, depending on how traffic is behaving.  At your arrival to the hotel, that would be the end of our services.



Panama City Museums


This tour will take you on a ride through Panamanian history.  The highlights of the tour are as follow:


  Panamá La Vieja Museum and monuments.


  Museo Afroantillano


  Museo Interoceanico del Canal de Panamá


  Biodiversity Museum

This tour includes the following:


  Private vehicle and driver.


  Lunch with a soft drink included.


  Professional Tour guide registered with the ATP.




  All entrance fees.


Irregardless of how hard we try to control everything regarding your tour for your satisfaccion, there are still a few things that escape our control.


  This tour is subject to be performed the days the museums are available.


  The order in which the visits are portrayed in the itinerary are subject to change in the case that it improves you overall experience.


  Depending on where you are staying, an extra fee may be applied for the cost of the extra distance, and pick up time may vary to make sure you are in the city at the time when the museums are opening.


  The museums can be closed in some special holidays, so please check with us at the time of booking to doublecheck that this will not be an issue for the day you are planning on exploring the museums.


  Rain is part of what we are, be prepared for it.  It is better to have your poncho with you and not to need it, than need it and not to have it.


 In the case one of the museums is closed beyond their regular schedule, we will adjust with a visit to another museum that has relevance to the topic in discussion.


Traveling with Kids


If you are traveling with kids, we highly recommend that you bring along snacks and drinks that are of the likes of your kid.

The Panama Canal Partial Transit tour has a cost as follows:



USD225.00 per person


USD105.00 per child

Under 12 years old are considered children.  If your kid is 12 or more, they will be considered an adult.


20% discount in groups of 5+ travelers