Embera Village Encounter

The colors and contrast of the people of Panama is very well represented with the visit to the Embera Village.  This encounter will provide you the opportunity to learn about our Indigenous Groups, and the perspective of the Embera in regards of life, adaptation, resilience and many other aspects of their culture that will provide with a great cultural experience for the traveler that wants to add great value to their visit to Panama.

After a dugout canoe ride on the Chagres River, you will be at the Village where we will have a space for a conversation with a member of the community that will provide us insightful information of their day to day, their culture, political structures, and many other things related to being part of an indigenous community and being part of the Embera people.

If weather and water levels on the river allows for it, this tour will also take you up the river where you will have the chance to go deep into the rainforest, see first hand how the jungle actually is, and you will have the chance to go swimming by a beautiful waterfall.

Tour Highlights

  Embera Village

  Dugout canoe ride.

  Beautiful handicrafts. 

  The rainforest and waterfall.



This tour includes the following:

  Private Transportation with driver.

  ATP registered tour guide.

  Entrance fee to the Chagres National Park.

  Embera Village visit

  Traditional Embera Lunch (fried fish and plantains).


To enhance your tour, don't forget to bring:

  An aluminum bottle of water for refills.  This refills will be done from a bigger purified bottle of water in order to reduce the pollution produced by plastic.

  Hat or cap.

  Sunblock lotion.


  An extra set of clothes to change.

  Water shoes.


  Authentic Panamian handicraft are available. Bring cash for any purchases you may want to make.  No credit cards are of any use at the village.

  If you observe a special diet, please prepare accordingly and bring something to eat that fit your needs.

  Don't forget your camera.

  We highly recommend that whaterever you bring in your backpack to be well protected in case of rain or water splashing while on the boat ride.

Our mission is for the time you put your trust on us to showcase Panama to you, that you have the best experience.  With that in mind, there are still things that may get on the way of the "perfect day", and such things may be as follow:

  Traffic.  Traffic can be expected, and it may impact the estimated times of this tour.

  We will make 2 stops on the way towards the village, one at a fruit stand to get some fresh fruit to compliment lunch, and another one at the Chagres National Park Ranger Station to pay our entrance to the park, and for restrooms.

  Weather.  As we are going to the rainforest, prepare accordingly and bring a raincoat to keep you dry.  Bad weather conditions can present the need to cancel the waterfall portion of the tour.  Extreme bad weather conditions can represent in the cancellation of the tour, and that decision can be made in the spot by the tour guide if he/she considers that the river is too hazardous for navigation.  In the case that we are at the village and a sudden flood comes while we are there, we will wait until it is safe for navigation again.  It can be a few minutes or a couple of hours.  If the tour has to be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, ReConTur, S.A., can't be hold responsible and it does not incur in any kind of refund.

  A Release of Liability form must be signed by each participant, releasing ReConTur, S.A. of any responsibility if an incident or accident happens while the development of this tour.  Any medical costs are responsibility of the client.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that, what is not expressed as to be included, is not included.

The prices below are per person.

Adults:  USD220.00

Children:  USD105.00

Please note that childrens are minors within the age-range of 2 and 11 years old.  Kids of 12 and more are considered adults.

  • Embera Village

  • Handicrafts

  • Dugout Canoes

  • Waterfall Hike

  • Embera Kid

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