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The Embera Village Encounter is one of the most interesting cultural and natural experiences we can provide you with while you are in Panama.   The following itinerary is a "draft" of the day, and it can vary in accordance to a variations of elements such as traffic and weather conditions.


Shared Pick up at your hotel


Your driver and guide will pick you up at your hotel. 

ANAM Ranger's Station


After your pick up in the morning, the drive to get you to the Embera Village will start.  A quick stop can be performed to buy fresh fruit that will serve to compliment lunch at the village.  After a while of driving again, another stop will be made at the Ranger's Station closeby to where we will board the boats.  A 15 minutes stop for restrooms will be performed.  While waiting, you can also appreciate the exhibit they had made in situ regarding the Chagres National Park.  In this quick stop you can learn about the different species of animals that can be found in this vast territory.  Once the visit to the restrooms is finished, you will have some 15 extra minutes drive to get to the Corotú Port where you will board your dugout canoe to get to the village.

Embera Village Encounter


At the embarkation area, the first encounter with the Embera people will be in the form of our boat captains.  The Embera are the ones that come and pick us up in order to get to the village.  More often than not, we don't go straight to the village, but up the river to explore a little bit in depth the Chagres National Park in what is a very scenic boat ride.  Up in the river, you will take a turn in one of the small streams there are, and navigate up the stream fully surrounded by nature. This will bring you close to a beautiful waterfall where you will be able to swim.  If the river levels aren't as high as to navigate up the stream, then you will be up for the treat of hiking all the way to the waterfall thru the jungle.  Be aware that if we are to hike, it can be a little bit demanding, so consider your own capacities before joining for it.

The Embera People


At around noon, we will be back at the village, and we will be presented with social, cultural and historic facts of the Embera community by one of the villagers, and we will also have a period of Q&A's to keep the conversation rolling.  A very important part of this conversation navigates around the interaction of the Embera and their environment, explanations as of how they make their handicrafts and their ways of living.  Music and dancing is a very important part of their culture, and we will be presented with a little bit of that so you can join the party.

At some point before our conversation or during our conversation, lunch will be presented.  The lunch is a traditional Embera dish consisting of fried plantains and fried tilapia.  The fruits we bought will be presented as well as part of our lunch.  After our conversation, dances and lunch, you will be able to stroll the village, do some handicraft shopping, see the common kitchen where food was prepared, or simply sit down and relax in this little piece of paradise.

Note:  Your professional tour guide will be with you all along the day, and will serve as an interpreter for the Embera villager that presents us with the information, and as well, will help you around if you need any assistance with dealing with your shopping.

Return to your Hotel


When the time is right, you will embark again in the dogout canoes to return to the embarkation area where we started. Your driver will be waiting for you for the return to the hotel.  The drive should be around 1h30m or so, and you should be back at your hotel around 4pm depending on traffic.  Upon arrival to the hotel, that will mark the end of our services for the day.


The Panama Canal Transit

The tour on its own is a highlight for your visit to Panama, yet there are a few elements to look forward while in this tour.


 Embera Village

 Dugout canoe ride.

 Rainforest and waterfall

 Beautiful handicrafts.

This tour includes the following:

  Private transportation and driver

  Professional tour guide registered with ATP.

  Embera Village and Traditional Embera Lunch.


  All entrace fees.

Please read through this bullets as we present you with important information that you should read before booking this tour.


  Bring an extra set of clothes.  You will get wet one way or the other.  A swimsuit is recommended underneath your set of clothes.  

  If the lunch menu doesn't suit your diet or needs, please prepare accordingly and bring something for yourself from the hotel. If you suffer of gluten intolerance, do let us know at the time of booking, so we can inform and for the fish to be treated accordingly to your needs.  

  No flip flops are allowed for this tour.  The main reason is that they do not provide enough grip in all the possible scenarios we may encounter such as rocks in the river, mud and so on.   A good grip watershoe or Keen/Teva style sandals will do great.  Sneakers are ok as long as you are fine with them getting all wet and probably not being able to wear them for a couple of days while they dry out after the tour.  If you insist in showing with flip flops, you will be bound to stay at the village for your own security, and not join the extra activities we have in store for the day.

  Depending on where you are staying, pick up time can vary to adjust the commute time and our expected arrival time to our destination.  This may also represent an extra fee in the price, as we have to calculate the price of the transfer for an outside city limits hotel.

  AIf the river is showing signs of increasing its levels, we will have to wait it out for our own safety. If at our arrival to the embarkation site, the river and weather conditions portray danger for our own safety, the tour guide can make the call to cancel the tour on the spot to ensure your well being. If the tour is cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, ReConTur, S.A., can't be hold responsible and ReConTur, S.A. is not obligated to process any kind of refund.

  A Release of Liability form must be signed by each participant, releasing ReConTur, S.A. of any responsibility in the case of an incident or accident while the development of this tour that may result in medical costs and so on.


Traveling with Kids

The Embera Village Encounter is a great opportunity for your kids to learn about a different culture, different ways of life and adaptation to a different surrounding.  This, without a doubt can turn into an experience they will remember for a long time and enrich their life experiences. We also reccommend for you to bring along the kind of snacks they like, so they can always have something to compliment the menu for the day.

The Panama Canal Partial Transit tour has a cost as follows:



USD175.00 per person


USD85.00 per child

Under 12 years old are considered children.  If your kid is 12 or more, they will be considered an adult.


A 20% discount applies for groups of 5+ travelers.