Panama Canal - past, present & future

This tour will take you through the historical landscape that transformed the Isthmus of Panama into one of the most important trade routes of the world.  You will have the chance to see both, the original and the new canal in the visits to the Miraflores Locks and Agua Clara Locks, giving you the chance to see this marvel of engineering from all the possible angles.

An undeniable element of the construction of the Panama Canal, is the social impact it had in our country, translated into the thousands of West Indies citizens that relocated into Panama and made a new home here, as well as the relationships among Panama and the USA, and the effect this relationships had in several layers of our society with the ups and downs of such relationship.

The milestones of the past, set course for the new milestones achieved by the Panama Canal, and in consequence the Panamanian people, as Panama is the one responsible for how the Panama Canal operates, and how it prepares for the challenges the future may hold.

Tour Highlights

  Miraflores Locks (Pacific Side)

  Agua Clara Locks (Caribbean Side)

  Civillian and Military Quarters of the Former Canal Zone in both sides. 




This tour includes the following:

  Private Transportation with driver.

  ATP registered tour guide.

  Entrance fee to the Miraflores Locks.

  Entrance fee to Agua Clara Locks.



To enhance your tour, don't forget to bring:

  An aluminum bottle of water for refills.  This refills will be done from a bigger purified bottle of water in order to reduce the pollution produced by plastic.

  Hat or cap.

  Sunblock lotion.

  Raincoat or umbrella.

  Credit Card for lunch if you choose to pay with that method.

  Bring some cash for possible souvenier shopping and/or tips.


Our mission is for the time you put your trust on us to showcase Panama to you, that you have the best experience.  With that in mind, there are still things that may get on the way of the "perfect day", and such things may be as follow:

  Traffic.  Both Colón and Panamá City has a high traffic flow that can translate into traffic jams.  We will do our best to avoid "complicated" areas, but as you may understand, traffic is still something that goes beyond our control.

  Weather.  Given the way our weather behave, a light drizzle won't stop any of the walks, whereas a pouring rain may represent to cut short some of the walks if you are not prepared accordingly and as suggested with a good umbrella or raincoat.

  Ships.  Ships are not guaranteed to be seen while we are at the Miraflores Locks nor the Agua Clara Locks.  We do observe the planning for the day the Panama Canal releases daily to improve our opportunities, but it can't be guaranteed, as the logistics of the Panama Canal can be changed according to its own needs.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that, what is not expressed as to be included, is not included.

The prices below are per person.

Adults:  USD245.00

Children:  USD125.00

Please note that childrens are minors within the age-range of 2 and 11 years old.  Kids of 12 and more are considered adults.

  • Balboa Highschool

  • The Panama Canal

  • Administration Building

  • Agua Clara Locks

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