former and actual canal zone


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Private Group.


Kids are welcome.

Given the nature of the operations of the Panama Canal and the operations of the ferry itself, this tour can be either in a Northbound manner or a Southbound manner.  For the purpose of illustrating what an "average" day in the Panama Canal looks like, we will descript the Northbound Transit version of this tour.  The Southbound transit comprises the same elements, just in a reversed order.


Pick up at your hotel


Your driver and professional tour guide will be at your hotel for pick up.

Agua Clara Locks


After your pick up, you will head towards the Northern tip of the Panama Canal, the Agua Clara Locks in the Caribbean.  Upon arrival, you will have the opportunity to enjoy this place and everything it has to offer.  Among the attractions in site, there is a video presentation that takes place every hour on the hour in English and that we highly reccommend for you to watch.  The observation platform is at your disposal for you to see the Panama Canal operationg the exanded set of locks.  A short trail is available for the nature enthusiasts.  This trail portrays several species of local flora, and sometimes even specimens of the local wildlife such as monkeys or sloths, toucans and other birds.

Fort Gullick and Margarita


When the time is right, we will get back on the van and have a panoramic drive thru some of the Caribbean Former Canal Zone areas such as Fort Gullick, that displayed the millitary element, and Margarita town, which was dedicated to civilians, providing a great vision of how things were when the USA were still in charge of the Canal Zone.  



When your drive around Margarita and Fort Gullick finishes, you will be taken back to the Southern side of the Panamá Canal.  We will have one hour available to have lunch.  Lunch today is not included, but we have chosen a stop at the foodcourt of the City of Knowledge, a place with several options of great quality, and a favourite place for the locals that work around City of Knowledge. 

Clayton, Albrook and Balboa


Right when you finish lunch, we will keep driving around the City of Knowledge, formerly known as Clayton Fort.  While you are driving around Clayton, you will be explained as of what the City of Knowledge is and much more information in that vein.  You will keep on driving around and will pass by the American Embassy.  You then will move to Albrook, the original Air Force post the US millitary in Panama.  As part of this panoramic drive, you will also get to see Balboa, the largest civilian post of the USA in Panama for almost a century.

Miraflores Locks


Your drive around the millitary and civilian locations of the Former Canal Zone will bring you to the Miraflores Locks Visitors Center.  When at the Locks, you will have the opportunity to watch the short video presentation that takes place every hour on the hour in English, go through the 4 storeys of exhibits in display, and check the operation of the Panama Canal from the Observation Deck or the bleachers area.  When outside in the public areas, you will always be able to hear the commentary of the Panama Canal site guides, narrating everything that is taking place in front of you.  Your professional tour guide will also be with you to compliment the information that is being given, or to answer any of your questions.

Return to your hotel


After an interesting day of history and logistics of the Panama Canal operations, you will head back to your hotel.  The ride to your downtown hotel should take within 30 to 45 minutes, although traffic can make it a little bit longer.  Upon arriving to your hotel, that will represent the end of our services.



The Panama Canal Transit


Join in for a historical and social overview of the Former Panama Canal.  The highlights of this tour are listed below:


  Agua Clara Locks (Caribbean Side)


  Miraflores Locks Visitors Center (Pacific Side)


  Civillian and Military Quarters of the Former Canal Zone in both the Caribbean and Pacific side of the Canal.


  Balboa Town

This tour includes the following:


  Private transportation with driver.


  Professional Tour guide registered with ATP


  All entrance fees.



Irregardless of how hard we try to control everything regarding your tour for your satisfaccion, there are still a few things that escape our control.


  The lenght of this as presented in the itinerary may vary due to traffic, weather and other situations and conditions out of our control.


  Ships are not guaranteed when visiting the Miraflores Locks Visitors Center or the Agua Clara Locks Visitors Center, as the operations of the Panama Canal may vary according to the logistics they face at the moment of our visit, yet we try to visit this landmarks in the time periods when it is common for ships to be doing transit so you can experience observing the operations.


  Rain may be a factor during the development of this tour.  Be prepared for it.


  Adjustments in the time of departure can be done to fit your needs, yet bare in mind that this may hinder the efficency and lenght of the stops at the different attractions.


Traveling with Kids


If you are traveling with kids, we highly recommend that you bring along something for them to keep entertained, as some times, they may feel bored during our commutes. As well, we recommend you bring the snacks your kid likes so he can have something to eat in the case the menu doesn't fit their likes.

The Panama Canal Partial Transit tour has a cost as follows:



USD195.00 per person


USD75.00 per child

Under 12 years old are considered children.  If your kid is 12 or more, they will be considered an adult.


20% discount in groups of 5+ travelers!