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Given the nature of the operations of the Panama Canal and the operations of the ferry itself, this tour can be either in a Northbound manner or a Southbound manner.  For the purpose of illustrating what an "average" day in the Panama Canal looks like, we will descript the Northbound Transit version of this tour.  The Southbound transit comprises the same elements, just in a reversed order.


Shared Pick up at your hotel


The tour bus will pick you up at your hotel at the time we provide the day before of the tour.

Check In


You are required to be one hour before the departure time in the ferry while all the preparations for departure take place.

Pacific Ocean & Bridge of the Americas


You will depart the pier and enter the navegation channel of the Panama Canal in direction towards the Miraflores Locks.  On the way to the Miraflores Locks, you will pass under the Bridge of the Americas, and you will be able to appreciate some of the ports that are located right at the entrance of the waterway.

Miraflores Locks & Miraflores Lake


The ferry will enter the lower chamber of the Miraflores Locks to start the elevation process once the gates behind the ferry are closed.  Due to the small size of the ferry, it is very likely that your transit will be shared with other small ships or with on of the big ones.

After the filling of the chamber is completed, the ferry will move to the second chamber where the process of filling up will be repeated.  

When this process is finished in the second chamber, the ferry will be released into the Miraflores Lake, where you will navigate towards the Pedro Miguel Locks.  At Pedro Miguel, one final chamber awaits for you to be elevated all the way to 85 ft above sea level, the highest level at the Panama Canal. 

From there, you will have views of the approaching channel that the mega ships known as Post Panamax use to go towards the CocolĂ­ Locks, the latest addition of the Panama Canal to serve world commerce.  You will also appreciate the Centennial Bridge that runs on top of the Continental Divide while you keep navigating.

Centennial Bridge, Continental Divide and Gaillard or Culebra Cut


Right when you go off the Pedro Miguel Locks, you will be able to appreciate the Centennial Bridge, the latest addition in communicating the blocks of North and South of the Americas.  Right where the bridge is, you will also be able to appreciate the Continental Divide and the beginning of the Gaillard or Culebra Cut.  This also mean your experience is comming to an end as you will be going off in the designated pier that day.

Return to the hotel.


Shared transfer back to the hotel.  This transfer takes you back to the pier where you started in the morning. This is to leave the participants that met the ferry on their own.  You can skip the hassle and request a private transportation to take to the pier, and from the pier where the ship ends the journey that day back to the hotel.  This can be calculated alongside with your transit.


The Panama Canal Transit

The tour on its own is a highlight for your visit to Panama, yet there are a few elements to look forward while in this tour.


  Bridge of The Americas

  Centennial Bridge

  Gaillard or Culebra Cut

  Continental Divide

  Miraflores and Pedro Miguel Locks

This tour includes the following:

  Ferry Ride

  Shared transfers from Hotel to pier and back to the hotel.

  Lunch onboard.

  Water and sodas.

  Panama Canal Expert narrator through your transit.

Irregardless of how hard we try to control everything regarding your tour for your satisfaccion, there are still a few things that escape our control.

  The lenght of this tour is entirely variable and unpredictable, as the ferry has to have onboard a Panama Canal Pilot.

  Once the Panama Canal Pilot is onboard, we are subject to the scheduling program the Panama Canal has for that day, and according to their needs, they can make changes in their schedule to better fit the logistics of their operation for that day.

  Depending on where you are staying, this tour can demand very early wake up times and transfers to be at the pier. This is due to possible traffic, and to the information the Panama Canal provides the ferry the day before for its operations.

  As we just mentioned, we usually don't know the exact time when the tour will start in advance.  When booking, your voucher will express this in the lines of TBD (To be determined).  The day before your tour, we will reach you at the hotel to provide the details as of the pick up time for the tour.  This contact usually takes place around 4h00pm.  If you provided us with your email address, we will send that information to your email, in the case we can't reach you, as well, we will leave a message with the front desk of your hotel.

Traveling with Kids

If you are traveling with kids, we highly recommend that you bring along something for them to keep entertained, as some times, as stated before, this tour can turn lengthy. As well, we recommend you bring the snacks your kid likes so he can have something to eat in the case the menu doesn't fit their likes.

The Panama Canal Partial Transit tour has a cost as follows:



USD150.00 per person


USD95.00 per child

Under 12 years old are considered children.  If your kid is 12 or more, they will be considered an adult.


If you choose to have a private transfer from the hotel to the pier and viceversa, do let us know while booking, so we can calculate the price according to your party.