The Panama City Tour will take you around the first city ever built in the Pacific Shores of the continent, its landmarks and will allow you to dive into its interesting history.  You will visit the Old Panama City and the ruins of the first settlement of the Spaniards, the role it had during the colonial days, and how a lot of what Panama is today, had its birth during this poignant period of our history.  You will also have the chance to stroll around the narrow streets of Casco Viejo, get immersed in this eclectic site rich in history and contrast. 

No Panama City Tour is complete with a visit to the Miraflores Locks, where you will have the chance explore the exhibits that help narrate the historical, social and technological facts about how the Panama Canal was created, how it operates and the impact that this mega-project had in our country back in the early 20th Century, and how it has evolved to become a reference for the world commerce, logistics and beyond.

Tour Highlights

  Casco Viejo

  Esteban Huertas Promenade & Plaza de Francia

  Ruins and exhibits of Old Panama Panama City 

  Miraflores Locks (Panama Canal)



This tour includes the following:

  Private Transportation with driver.

  ATP registered tour guide.

  Entrance fee to the Miraflores Locks.

  Entrance fee to Panamá La Vieja.


To enhance your tour, don't forget to bring:

  An aluminum bottle of water for refills.  This refills will be done from a bigger purified bottle of water in order to reduce the pollution produced by plastic.

  Hat or cap.

  Sunblock lotion.

  Raincoat or umbrella.

  Credit Card for lunch if you choose to pay with that method.

  Bring some cash for possible souvenier shopping and/or tips.


Our mission is for the time you put your trust on us to showcase Panama to you, that you have the best experience.  With that in mind, there are still things that may get on the way of the "perfect day", and such things may be as follow:

  Traffic.  It's part of the "experience", and a big part of our tour takes place within some of the bussiest roads of Panama City.

  Weather.  Given the way our weather behave, a light drizzle won't stop any of the walks, whereas a pouring rain may represent to cut short some of the walks if you are not prepared accordingly and as suggested with a good umbrella or raincoat.

  Ships.  The Panama Canal is an autonomous entity, and it works following its own convenience.  This reflects in the way they schedule the ships to do their transits, and sometimes their schedules simply do not match ours.  We try to reduce this situation by making changes in the itinerary that can suit our interest of seeing ships doing their transit, however, this practice is not bulletproof and sometimes we are simply out of luck.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that, what is not expressed as to be included, is not included.

The prices below are per person.

Adults:  USD185.00

Children:  USD75.00

Please note that childrens are minors within the age-range of 2 and 11 years old.  Kids of 12 and more are considered adults.

  • Panama La Vieja

  • Casco Viejo

  • Miraflores Locks

  • Panama City

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