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RECONTUR, S.A., is a company that had been dedicated to the tourism and satisfying our clients needs and demands without exception.  We are a team focused in giving the best of us, because we believe it is not just about the image of our company, but the image of our country.

Your stay in Panama will count with our sincere recommendations about what is most convenient in your visit, at the same time that your day experiences will be accompanied by tour guides with the highest standards in quality in regards of information and customer service.


what we do best!

on time service


The "island time" doesn't exist for us.

Even when we are flexible with our clients, we appreciate being on time...

Personal service


Our team do as much as possible to keep constant track  of our clients that are "in house"


There are no 2 clients alike, each one is different. This is the reason why we believe in having flexibility to achieve the satisfaction our clients look for, when they trust in our services.

What they say about us!

ReConTur, words just  don't seem to express my pleasure and amazement with the arrangements and tours that you made for our group.

 I have used the services of ReConTur for all my clients traveling to Panama.  They are easy to work with and provide VIP services to everyone.

ReConTur did a wonderful job arranging our trip to Panama, working through lots of complex schedule changes to perfectly suit our interests and requests. 


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